Caught in the rat race

Nobody wants to, but everyone does!

The death cult of imperialism

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 - 2 -

   Doom started 2000 years ago

That’s when a philosophy came into the world. Three hundred years later, the rulers of the Roman Empire recognized that the subservience of this philosophy made it easier to control their people. On 27 March 380, it was therefore made the state religion, regardless of the fact that a religion with ceremonies and rituals contradicted
the initially philosophy. Later this religion would be called Christianity.
Symbolic seed capital of their state religion:   1 USD

The Submission to this philosophy is also the guarantee that no one will dare to touch the capital of the state religion, which will continue to grow in the future. Over time, unnoticed by the faithful, capital will quietly evolve behind its religion into a military-industrial complex. Due to the momentum of its own, the original seed capital will inexorably grow into the greatest empire of all time.  And against the so-called "infidels" they are armed in all areas. Today more than ever before (secret services, military alliances, military bases, armaments industry, media conformity, collective mass psychology). The "infidels" are also arming. It's self-defense with them.  

And then, the Roman Empire collapsed. But only the Empire collapsed, not the capital of its religion. This capital is preserved. Later it is taken over by the “Holy Roman Empire” that considers itself as the successor of the Roman Empire. However, this Empire also collapsed, while the capital of its religion is preserved. Parts of the Roman Empire as well as the Holy Roman Empire were merged with their religion already before their collapse, and their capital was therefore also preserved in their religion. Almost all of the treasures stolen from the indigenous peoples over the centuries. And it has grown over time into the largest empire of all time, acting as a deep state behind most democracies, not only in Europe and the United States. The Roman Empire never really fell. His capital keeps their religion as a facade to hide his military-industrial complex and reigns behind the democracies as a soulless zombie more than ever. Quote Franklin D. Roosevelt 1912: Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.

The insane fortune that developed dynamically behind his religion runs
a deep state behind most democracies, not only in Europe and the USA.

How high and extensive has become the capital of the Roman Empire, which has maintained its religious rituals and ceremonies over the centuries to hide its capital that has grown into a military-industrial complex. How much has this capital grown over the past 1700 years? And who owns it anyway?

- 3 -

How large is the capital of the Empire today?

Symbolic seed capital on 27 March 380 = 1 USD

The profit + the interest-bearing increase in value of the capital
amounts to 1.4 % per annum (adjusted for inflation)
In addition, due to continuously new activities, it grows by 1.9 % per annum.       

Every 100 years, the total amount of the capital is halved due to wars against dissidents, split-offs, revolutions, political upheavals and other events.


To what amount has the capital accumulated by 1 January 2019?

A Professor of Mathematics provides the answer:
.(1,033)^1638 * 2^(-16) * 1 $ = 1 904 788 316 344 991 853,-- $

This is about   1.9 trillion USD

Distributed to 8 billion people, this would be
about $ 238 millio per person.

Hard to believe? Mathematics does not lie, and it is not corrupt.
Quote Harald Lesch, astrophysicist: "Exponential growth is one of the most underestimated processes."

Insiders even assume that the symbolically estimated
parameters (1 $, 1.4% + 1.9 %) are way too low???

It is in the nature of things that a calculation that is based on symbolized information only delivers a symbolic result. However, the capital of the greatest empire of all time moves in an incomprehensible dimension.

Actually,it would be impossible to calculate this amount, because a large part of this amount is part of the international capital markets as virtual capital  (there are vastly more sums in circulation than reality exists). And futures trading even involves the future into the now. However, there is a very good reason for including this virtual capital in the total amount, because such virtual capital is significantly more destructive than real capital, and it is pushing the international financial markets without mercy. The unmanageable mesh of networks of the largest Empire of all times that has been globally interconnected is the largest shareholder and most aggressive punter in the world.
But who actually owns the capital of the Empire?

Are the stock exchanges of this world run by puppets
that only belongs to its own historically grown tradition?

 -4 -

Who owns the craziest fortune of all times?

Who owns f. ex. 20% of Spain's, Portugal's and Argentina's farmland? 

Let’s assume that I own this land. I will sell it and gamble one third of the proceeds away at the casino. Another third I waste with wine, women and song. The rest I use for buying a pile of wood which I burn. Can anybody object? No, nobody can stop me from doing it, because this land is my property and therefore I may use its proceeds anyway I like it.

Or let’s assume that this land is the property of a limited liability company. Can the shareholders of this limited liability company decide to sell the land and distribute the proceeds to the shareholders (less taxes), and could anybody prevent the shareholders from doing the same with the proceeds as me? No, nobody could prevent it. Everybody is acting perfectly correct. Everybody can do the same as me. The same applies to all other forms of companies.    

But this land belongs to the Roman Catholic Church. Is there any person in Church who could do the same as me, namely sell the land and use the proceeds for himself at his discretion and without any restrictions? No, there is no person who could act like that because the capital of the catholic Church is not owned by any person but only belongs to itself, to its own tradition.

Of course, the Church people may sell the land, but the proceeds remain within the Church. They also may exchange the land for something else, but the exchanged object also remains within the Church. People only manage the assets of the Church, but they don’t own them. The assets are owned by their own historically grown tradition.

You are not the possessor (owner) of anything
the proceeds of which you could not freely dispose of.

But who really owns this fortune?

The craziest fortune of all time belongs to itself, to its own tradition.
Wealth strives solely to preserve itself.
It was thereby at all times in contradiction to the cross,
the symbol of encountering oneself.

No human can access it because it does not belong to humans. One does not own the proceeds of which one cannot freely dispose of. Capital owns itself and has grown exponentially for almost two thousand years, destroying everything in its path at all times. Algorithms are now also pushing it on the international financial and capital markets of this world. Globalization emerged from proselytizing via colonization. No conscious life is involved, only the imperialistic actions of unsuspecting puppets. It is so because it has always been so. Everyone only does it because everyone has always done it that way. We are born and the world is already here. And imperialism is already there. And everyone thinks the world is like this. But she isn't.

Everyone is forced to participate because this system, which does not include a single perpetrator but only victims without exception, has pushed its way into all areas of life and has also infiltrated most of the media worldwide. Barbed wire across Europe and the Boxer Rebellion in China could only temporarily stop the development of the empire locally. Only people were stopped at the borders, capital always found a way through the barbed wire.

- 5 -

 And the living became poorer and poorer.

People in Church therefore remained as poor as their church mouse, apart from a few exceptions at the top of the hierarchy. But even they have not become really wealthy.


  And their living space is more and more at risk.

Even the living space of those inside Church, because they are in the same boat. They cannot leave this boat because we have no second Earth. And the “Kingdom of Heaven” is nowhere out there, but inside every one of us.

Humans, animals and nature have one common enemy

This enemy is not made of flesh and bone but consists of historically established tradition, pushing the global players ahead without mercy with its crazy capital at the international stock exchanges and driving humans, animals and nature into the abyss. This capital operates a sound state behind most democracies, not only in Europe and the United States - Quote Horst Seehofer, Federal Minister: "Those who decide are not elected and those who are elected have nothing to decide."

There is no human being behind the scenes but merely tradition with its unsuspecting puppets, degrading even politics to being puppets. - Quote Ronald Reagan: "I can't imagine how you can be an American President without having learned acting." - People have always been only puppets of this tradition. Ethnic affiliation has not played a role for a long time. New people, countries and entire continents have sustained this tradition for centuries. But now it is no longer possible to find new sustenance on our planet. Extending the system to other planets is impossible, because no other planets can be reached in the near future. Without new food, imperialism attacks its own people. He constantly creates new artificial needs in order to make new capital out of them. Rebuilding bombed countries on the basis of debentures is modern-day colonialism. Chainless slavery par excellence, because chains hinder work, debentures drive it.

Continuously new, artificial things overstrain people, animals and nature.
There is hardly any free space left for the natural needs.

Capitalism has brought many benefits for the people in this world. However, the greatest capitalist of all times ruins everything, because it does not care about people, animals or nature. There is only one thing that is important: More, more and always more. Business are usual. The insane capital of Imperialism under the sign of the laurel wreath.


This capital is not owned by living human beings. It is owned by itself, by the dead of its tradition. Inanimate and therefore insensitive, it is pushing the most aggressive places in the world (the imperialist international financial markets), exerting murderous pressure on people, animals and plants down to the farmland.

Question to a farmer who owns some hectares of farmland  
“Why do you pollute your farmland with more and more chemical fertilizer?”
“I could cry when I see how I wreck my own land“, the farmer says, “but more and more of my crop is skimmed at this world’s corn exchanges.
I have to do, otherwise I cannot survive“.

The dead force the farmer to kill his farmland!

How sick is that?

- 6 -

Who owns the craziest fortune of all times?


The insane fortune of all time does not belong to the living, but it belongs to the dead in the catacombs, because no living person is authorized to decorate themselves with gemstones from the Roman Catholic Empire`s assets
.  - Quote Heiner Geißler, ex-Federal Minister: "The assertion that there is no money to eliminate misery is a lie. There is money in the world like dirt, only the wrong people have it."

   All countries of the world are indebted

Indebted to the biggest capitalist of all times. The largest capital of all times is owned by the dead in the catacombs.

The whole world is indebted to these dead
As a consequence, the living have to commerzialize not only their own living space, but also the future of the generations to come in order to be able to pay the installments of these debts. Do even the unborn pay tax to the dead? Are not only the people living today taxable of part of their life, but even the people born in the future, to pay interest and dividends to the dead? Does a part of our ever-increasing financial levies go to the dead of the imperialist tradition?

It is the death cult of imperialism that, according to official statistics (the number of unreported cases is unknown), causes 26,000 people (almost 10,000 of them children) to starve to death every day. You can accuse many people of many things, but that the living would be capable of something like that can be ruled out with a probability bordering on 100%. - It is the dead that starve the living. - Did the old Egyptians already place the dead above the living, and the Christian Occident merely took over the cult of the Pharaohs?

- 7 -

A tradition is driving    
mankind insane

    The death cult of imperialism

Supported by religiously indoctrinated fundamentalists who want to lay their strictly patriarchal structured world at the feet of a supposedly returning (male) messiah. The papacy is also kept alive, because without the fear of eternal damnation instilled from childhood, nothing works, because fear is the oldest and most powerful weapon to oppress living beings. Tamers, for example, can only keep their predators in check if they have an instilled fear of the whip from an early age.

Defended emperors, kings, noble families, counties, archduchies, monasteries, monasteries, dioceses and other "blue-blooded people" crowned by popes up until the 19th century. In the 20th century, democracies were then put over them as a facade. Behind the facades nothing has changed in the balance of power. Everything remained as before  

Aggressively defended by countless parasites that do not attract attention and quietly and discreetly built their existence with this capital.

Praised by the large number of hypocrites holding on to this tradition to be able to ease their conscience with its ceremonies and rituals. Lying and cheating during the week, confessing and taking the “Body of Christ” on Sunday, and everything is fine.    
Women have always been kept out of key positions, because many of them who can feel life growing in their belly put the love for life above the capital. Husbands (and other love relationship) have also been kept out, since for many people feeling love, capital feels rather cold.
Driven by commission recipients backed by the unmanageable mesh of networks of the biggest capital of all times that has been globally interconnected, chasing the listed global players at the international stock exchanges with ever higher and faster transactions more aggressively than ever. They have to continuously create new artificial needs to withstand the constantly increasing pressure. If you trace this mesh of networks and mutual participations long enough, you will get into a circle at some point without ever finding any natural persons as owners.

The insane capital of all time, permeated with a rampant bureaucracy, juridically enforced by Latin law. No human being appears as the owner.         
Defended against the rest of the world with its listed military-industrial complex. The rest of the world is also arming itself, in military terms as well as industrial terms and also missionary. Today more than ever. For them, it is self-defense. Never in the history of mankind have peoples waged war against one another. It was always just their leaders. The people on both sides were always victims of war propaganda prepared by the media. No law of nature requires humans to kill one another.  - Quote Dr. Daniele Ganser, historian: "98 percent of people don't want to fight the other." - Only the marionettes indoctrinated by the dead of the historically grown tradition and their brainwashed henchmen give orders to shoot innocent living people. The soldiers on both sides are always just victims of tradition.

Nobody shall dare to touch the biggest capital of all times. It is intended to be put at the feet of the returning Redeemer. Puppets of the dead have accumulated the capital as a gift to the Redeemer, so that he shall take them all to the Kingdom of Heaven. The disbelievers will be left behind in their destroyed world.

- 8 -

The lie has already walked around the world 3 times before the truth has tied its shoes. But at some point, the truth has its shoes on.

Caught in the rat race

One says to the other:

    Who are you?

I am the truth and you?
    I am the tradition. Have you seen,
     I placed half of the world at your feet.

I have seen it all.
       Why is so much blood on it everywhere? On your Hands too?
    Well, um, well, it’s like, uh...

       What’s your name?
        Cain, where is your brother Abel?
    Can`t you see all of the rituals and
     ceremonies with which you are worshiped?

       Where is your brother?
     But have you seen the many magnificent
     kathedrals in which you are worshiped?

    Where is your brother?

    Are you taking this seriously or are you playing a game with me?

   Asks the truth:
        What is it, a game?



Steyr  01.03.2019 



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 The Capitalocene
The age of the
 imperialist death cult

“Madness is invisible if only
 it is big enough”

(Bertolt Brecht)


Truth is dreadful, some people say,
dirty, stinking and hard to bear. 

Everything is just a stereotype, and still
the truth is white as snow.
(Wolfgang Ambros)